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Only Blizzard or its licensees have the right to host the Game. You may not host or provide matchmaking services for the Game, or intercept, emulate or redirect the proprietary communication protocols used by Blizzard in connection with the Program, regardless of the method used to do so. Such prohibited methods may include, but are not limited to, protocol emulation, reverse engineering, modifying the Program, adding unauthorized components to the Program, or using a packet sniffer while the Program is running.

Anway, from what i have read here, the programs they use are legal, and Blizzard does not even care if they are private servers or take action.


So that means you can play for free on the server. But if you think about it Playing on a private server sucks, but real wow server you have to pay and getting sepic stuff is hard So what do you think, i think its possible to play on a priavte server if you use poor ot dont want to spend years on the game! But TBC killed my fav. Anyway, who cares if they are illegal or not, just play it. Is a game and nothing else. But if you aren't playing on Blizzard servers, why should you pay them a subscription fee?

Technically, it is a violation of the Terms of Use to host a private server: Wow, it took this far into the thread for someone with half a brain to show up.

WoW private server illegal? I dont think so!

I am saddened deeply. It's a legally binding agreement that you make by purchasing the rights to a copy of the software. Yes, that's right. You do not have the right to violate and part of that agreement. That's why you hear about mass bannings. Go ahead. I'm waiting for the day the gov't gives approval to use tracking programs and worms to fight pirates.

You know, hosting their own torrent with copies of games that wipe your rig when you install it.

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That'll make me smile the big one. What the hell? I dont get it. You mean someone could download their game and play it for free from their own website? Please Log In to post. This topic is locked from further discussion.

I have been doing some research and them private servers are not illegal. Just look it up at Wikipedia or google, and search for Mangos or Antrix And why are most players scared of them private servers, ussualy they suck and dont have the stability as the real ones, so they try to compansate they give you bonusses, such as leveling really fast and stuff. So anyone care to explain why Blizzard is afraid of them private serers. PredatorRules Follow Forum Posts: CaineFH hmm private servers of WoW - i'm playing right now on 1 of them: Cminnow Follow Forum Posts: Todays posts.

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World of Warcraft quit unexpectedly - Mac - Help & Support - Elysium Project

Subscribe to us. Tweet us. Sign in Create an account. Login Username: Lost Password? Pages 2: Thread Modes. Phoen1x Administrator. May Reputation: Joining and playing on a private server is the easiest thing to do and I'm here to show you how it is done. People choose to play on older version of WoW for various reason, some like it because it brings back the nostalgia, some like the balance of that patch, some want to experience what vanilla wow was all about, while some like to play without having to shell out money for a sub every month.

First, you want to download the old client 1.

Vanilla WoW Download – 1.12.1 Client

So to speak. Or just use notepad to open realmlist.

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If you extracted the zip in desktop just go to desktop folder and find the folder World of Warcraft replace the realmlist. Will it interfere with my Legion WoW in any way? And if you want to start Legion wow launch it using battle net Will I get banned on Retail wow for playing on private server? Blizz has no way to know if you are playing on pserver If I want to play on other servers will the process be the same?

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  • best wow private server mac?

Here is a list of private servers I compiled detailing all the current active and populated private servers for various versions of wow from classic to WoD. If I played on Nostalrius earlier will my account be back and I can resume from there? Yes, the new Nostalrius server Elysium will have complete database of all characters that played during Nostalrius and will be restored as it is without losing any progression.

Is the date for Nostalrius announced? For anyone that's interested, I've managed to get these server files running across a LAN, and will post step-by-step instructions, when I've worked out exactly what steps were required and which weren't. Turns out making this server public is even easier then I thought it would be. If your just hosting for a few friends like me, all that stuff probably isn't needed. Thank you for the guide. I wanted to play with a friend, but he only has a Mac.

WoW Kronos - How to install the vanilla server

So if I install this on my Windows, what does he need to join me? Is there a Mac client that's working with this guide? All your mate should need is a 1. Originally Posted by Zelos Hi nice job.. Command on.

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